Xenon headlamp marking

Now quite a lot of cars that have received xenon optics. This solution is considered economical and as affordable as possible. In addition, these lamps give a bright glow. However, not all motorists are thinking about marking their headlights, discussing the size of the fine on the forums, which will have to pay for xenon light. The article will consider the features of optics and how to make markings on headlamps for xenon.xenon headlamp marking

How are the headlights marked for purpose?

Any motorist knows that the cameras in the headlights have an optical system. There is a separately installed high and low beam. A combined system can be found on the market, which combines two types of light in one package. Consider the marking of headlights for xenon and halogen.

Headlight of a passing beam - "With", a main beam - "R". The combined system is designated "CR". Parking lights - "A", fog - "B". In addition, there is a marking by features and purpose, there are also other signs that are able to encrypt interesting data for motorists.For example, very interesting are the letters, which are the purpose of the light source with which the headlights work. The international designation is a letter that is written in a circle. In this sign is the code of the country in which it was allowed to use the headlights. Quite often, such elements are found on the headlight housing or on a part such as a diffuser.

Often marking lights for xenon is a special data that you can find out, for example, about how harmful the lamp. It should be noted that in America, optics are labeled DOT. Moreover, the similar coding speaks about the level of illumination in lux, and in the form of an arrow indicates the direction of movement. If the headlight is installed on left-hand drive cars, then the arrow will not be drawn. She is absent on right-hand drive cars. If there are arrows in both directions, then this device is universal.

If we consider the marking symbols, we can even find out where this headlight was manufactured. Similar data are located on the inside of the glass. Marking glasses can also be under the hood. As a rule, it is very difficult to search for such data in a car.To do this, remove the optics. The marking of a headlamp for xenon type GOST implies the designation of the angle of inclination for low beam. As a rule, this indicator does not exceed 1%. These data should be indicated on the labels in the headlights. xenon and halogen headlamp marking

Marking of headlights by light source

There are two of the most popular types of optical systems. These are halogen and xenon lamps. The first type is considered standard and familiar to everyone. It is denoted by the letter H. This light is realized in different versions. As a rule, the diffuser must be designated by this very symbol, regardless of its modification. For the main beam, as a rule, the marking is HR, and for the dim light - HC. The halogen variant is considered the safest, it does not blind drivers. Lamps of this type are reliable and do not burn out for a long time. Moreover, they are cheaper compared to xenon lenses.

Marking for xenon headlights

This light source is marked with the symbol D. Here there are various symbols, depending on the type of light. It happens either DR, DS, DCR. Given the modern standards, these lamps can be installed only on lamps with the appropriate name.

On some markings on cars from Japan or America, you can see markings where the DH symbols appear. What does this mean, consider next.

Many motorists know that cars from Europe are supplied with headlamp markings for xenon and halogen "E", followed by numbers. The last symbol indicates the country where the machine was manufactured. American cars have a classification by which the designation HB and number are used. They mean the type of base and lamp. It is clear that such marking is relevant only for the American market. For example, lamps designated as HB 2.4 are double-stranded designs. If the numbers were 1.3, then this is a single-line device. Moreover, such lamps are not halogen, but xenon. One thing to be remembered: the marking of a xenon headlamp is the letter D.make markings on xenon headlamps

Xenon and law

On the question of labeling you need to look at the other side. Suppose a person was stopped at a traffic police station, but the inspector is not aware of the designation of certain markings and writes a fine, as they do not correspond to GOST. What to do in this case? The question of alteration of headlights for xenon consider below, but for now let us consider the situation described.

In defense, you can show all the special documents in which the marking data of headlights are registered. Any lamps for optics will have the same marking as the headlights. It should be noted that the marking of car windows should also coincide with the data indicated on the lamps. However, after that the inspector will not calm down, but will continue to write out the fine. Why? Marking of headlights for KIA xenon is a rather complicated issue, so many people fall for illegal use.

The fact is that another system of norms works in the traffic police, according to which a fine is issued in such a situation. Unfortunately, there is a document that regulates the installation of various optical devices on the machine. And the same document prohibits the use of certain parts, in this case, optical devices in abnormal modes. That's it for this traffic police officer will write out a fine.

The driver in this case will think, why then do these bulbs sell? The answer is simple. This system needs to be installed only in suitable headlights. If the optics in the car is created with an emphasis on the use of halogen lamps, then whatever labeling for xenon is, in any case, their use is considered illegal. If the glass has a symbol D, then you can safely install xenon light.In this case, no one has the right to issue a fine, because the designation of the headlamp is for xenon, and not for halogen.

If you really want to use this type of optical system, but the car is not provided, then there is only one piece of advice. It is necessary to replace all the optics, which is available in the car, under xenon. If such equipment for a particular brand of car already exists, then you can safely change the entire system. However, you need to understand that not all cars have a similar set. as marked xenon headlights


Even if the car has a xenon label, and the lamps are installed at the factory, there may still be some problems. In addition to marking, a car should have optics with an auto-corrector and washer. The latter should receive high pressure. Of course, you can do without this equipment. Moreover, many drivers notice that this equipment is inefficient. However, if a person is threatened with a vehicle inspection, then he will have to explain for a long time that all the equipment data goes in a regular way with the machine. Below we consider how to make markings on headlamps for xenon.

Many are still interested in the question, why exactly xenon lamps should be so carefully checked? This is due to the fact that these devices shine too brightly.If we take into account and compare with halogen light, then the wavelength of the first ones is much smaller. During the glow with equal areas and the same roughness indicators, the light from xenon lamps is scattered more. This is confirmed not only by drivers, but also by science.

If on the glass there is no marking for xenon, then other road users can easily be blinded. In order not to disturb anyone while driving, you must use reflectors that have reflectivity. Protective glass is also great. The xenon headlamp markings are easy to create with your own hands, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations.

Again, comparing with the halogen glow, the discharge of these lamps is much higher. This slightly increases the angle of dispersion. It should be understood that if the diffuser of the reflector is contaminated, then the angle of illumination will again be increased, respectively, it will prevent traffic. Understandably, xenon lamps for the driver illuminate a larger section of the road, and in the dark, the review becomes much better, however, the drivers of oncoming cars will be struck by this audacity, as this will entail a large number of accidents.That is why with xenon headlights and lead the fight. The main thing is not to fall under the distribution, to install this optics and system officially and completely legally.

Fog lights and xenon

It should be noted that in the fog lamp xenon light is much easier to install than in the usual. It is necessary to take into account the nuance, a little light should be directed downwards, then the design will function perfectly. How are xenon headlamps labeled? Encoding must fully comply with GOST.

What advantages does this variant of optics have in comparison with halogen lighting? Thanks to him, it is better to view the side of the road, as the lighting area increases. This is quite important when entering into a turn, because it is on such sections of the road you can get into an accident. At the expense of xenon lamps, you can quickly see a barrier or a pedestrian, and, accordingly, respond faster.

Fog lights on xenon use different types of caps, you need to determine which labeling is best suited for a particular car. If there are no symbols on the glass, then you will have to remove the optics and look at what kind of base is needed. xenon headlamp designation

Selection of bulbs in fog lamps

Choosing a xenon lamp for fog lights, you need to determine the temperature regime, which will be the most optimal for this car. It should be noted that dealers can successfully find the headlights for xenon at the WHA.

The most common parameter is 4300 K. What kind of light does it end up with? White shade with yellow tint. Also, it is often possible to meet a car in which headlights with a temperature of 5000 K are installed. In such conditions, the lighting will be white. Headlights with blue tint are found in cars with optics installed at 6000 K.

Marking fog lights

Similar optics are marked with several images. “S” means the use of a glass headlamp; H means halogen. Another lamp, which is made of plastic, is designated “PL”. Dipped beam means “C”, the main beam means “R”. The last two elements must be installed separately.redo headlamp under xenon


Many, especially novice drivers, it seems that the traffic police inspectors are very difficult to deceive. However, it is not. Consider how to remake a xenon headlamp.

It is necessary to purchase two headlights with a temperature of 3 thousand.- 4 thousand K. In this case, you need to understand that on optics, the marking must fully comply with this parameter. Next, replace the headlamp or put lenses on it. Thanks to the latter, the light will not diffuse, and the brightness will decrease. Accordingly, the lens will hide both the shape of the lamp and its marking from the annoying inspector. Even the most professional traffic police worker will not be able to understand what kind of marking is installed on the car according to GOST.

You also need to remember about the blocks of ignition. It is desirable to hide it altogether. However, professionals notice that, unfortunately, when compared with halogen light, to achieve a higher level of brightness will not work. Do not forget about the labels on the lights under xenon.

When changing such lighting to xenon, you need to make sure that the traffic police inspector will have nothing to complain about. Sometimes marking is erased. Especially on plastic headlamps, which are now very popular in the market. If this happens, it is better to have a photo with you where the marking of the headlamp under xenon will be clearly visible.

Xenon purchase

When equipment is installed on a car, you need to understand that even the best and most expensive kit will not necessarily work perfectly.Most of the products, especially the expensive ones, have a stranded value for the brand name and advertising. Therefore, you should not overpay. Recall that the above described, what marking headlamps for xenon exist.

Ignition unit should be purchased such that it is the most ideal design of the car. If the machine does not have a module that deals with the voltage of the lamp, then it is better to purchase xenon with snag. Thanks to this, you can easily save money.

Choosing a set, you do not need to pay attention to thin blocks. If under the hood a fairly large amount of space, as well as marking the battery allows you to carry out the following action, then you can purchase a block of fairly good size. When lenses are installed in the standard headlights, it is necessary not to damage the car's diffuser. It is better not to touch it at all with your fingers, since otherwise, if the structure of the device deteriorates, the light scattering will be low. In addition, this surface should not be contaminated. That is why, after assembly, you need to maximally check for cleanliness and process the glass with a block with any kind of sealant.xenon headlights for VAZ

Xenon light and reverse gear do it yourself

Thanks to xenon in the taillights, you can ease your movement and maneuvers. It is best to use optics with an indicator of at least 5000 K. As a result, the car will have a bright glow of headlights with a blue tint. Immediately, at the very beginning, you need to disconnect the negative wire. Next you should pay attention to the labeling of the battery, which does not allow to make a mistake. To facilitate the entire installation process, it is necessary to remove the trunk trim. When installing such optics in reverse, you must remove the lights and disassemble them. You should immediately get rid of old lamps. Often, the drivers themselves do remarking of headlights for xenon.

If you want the rear lights to flash new light, then you need to do some more action. It is necessary to prepare a special place where the wiring will be located. Sockets at the taillights will not have to be refined, otherwise you will not be able to install an ordinary lamp in their place. After disassembling the cartridge, it is necessary to pull out the wires and contacts. If desired, the first can be held through a special hole. After that, the lamp should be fixed.As a rule, all the necessary tools and wiring are provided with the lamp. When connecting, make sure that the polarity is as properly connected as possible. This is where you should avoid mistakes. Further, using special tools you need to connect the wiring to the ignition. Before checking the headlights, you need to pay attention to whether there is a fuse in the assembled one. If everything is normal, and the light is lit with a beautiful xenon shade, you can collect the headlights back.

What is xenon afraid of?

Xenon optics is a rather complicated system. The design of these devices is considered fragile and thin than halogen headlamps. Such a light is quite afraid of constant on or off cycles. Moreover, the light sources are constantly in contact with high temperature. They can burn quickly and suddenly. Therefore, the glow can be either red or green. Also do not expose the vibrations of xenon lamps. And if a depressurization occurs, this emitter will immediately fail.

Moreover, sometimes it happens that a marriage is found directly out of the box.Quite often, this can be found in cheap lamps. Chinese goods, as a rule, have a warranty period of not more than one week. That is why it is necessary to acquire branded products. But it should be understood that this is not cheap.

Set or not set?

If you take into account all the information that has been described in this article, then you need to understand - such optics is not prohibited. The only thing you need to note is that you should not buy models where there is no marking for xenon headlights or if the part is not configured. In principle, if you wish, you can put xenon lamps, following all instructions. Then the traffic police inspectors will not be able to penalize the driver.

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