Xylene oil grade A: description, specifications and features

Xylene oil grade A is an organic liquid that has a characteristic odor and belongs to the group of aromatic hydrocarbons. More details about it we will discuss later in the article.

General information

The structure of this material is one petrolring, and also two methyl radicals. In addition, this connection can be in three different configurations. Xylene also has another name - dimethylbenzene.

It is worth saying that paraxylene, metaxylol andOrthoxylene is characterized by approximately equal boiling point - from 138 to 144 degrees Celsius. It is for this reason that xylene oil grade A is a technical reagent that is presented in the form of these three substances with an admixture of ethylbenzene.

The last substance, in turn, isbenzene derivative with one ethyl group. The rational formula for xylene, from a chemical point of view, is (CH3) 2C6H4. It is also important to note that in petroleum xylene grade A, the quantitative content of the basic substance should not be less than 99.6% by weight of the total product.

xylene oil grade a

Chemical and physical properties

If we talk about chemical characteristicsthe following features can be distinguished. It does not mix with water. Solubility of xylene oil grade A oil is possible only in benzene, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, acetone and paraffin hydrocarbons.

If we consider the chemical properties of thisthe product as a whole, it can be said that it is a typical representative of an aromatic compound, and also enters into chemical reactions that are characteristic of benzene.

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If we consider the physical properties of the same substance, we can distinguish the following:

  • At a temperature of 20 ° C, this liquid is colorless, oily, has no sediment, and the smell is the same as that of benzene.
  • The solubility of this substance is -0.015% in water.
  • If we talk about the density of the product, then at the same 20 degrees it is from 0.862 to 0.868 g / cm3.
  • The temperature for starting the distillation of this substance is not higher than 137.5 ° C.
  • The outbreak of this substance occurs at a temperature not lower than 23 °.
  • Possible self-ignition of the liquid when heated to 450 degrees Celsius;
  • The bulk of the distillation of the product - up to 95% is carried out at a temperature interval of 4 degrees.
  • Evaporation of the substance passes without residue.

xylene oil grade a gost

Method of obtaining and using

The preparation of the described substance is carried outby means of aromatization of certain petroleum fractions. If we talk about the chemical industry, then this product is used to further obtain pure isomers of xylene, as well as other products. To these substances can also be attributed the synthesis of polymers.

And petroleum xylene, characteristics and propertieswhich are listed in this article, in turn is used as a solvent. With its help it is possible to dissolve resins, paints, and also other high-molecular compounds. In addition to this use, xylene is also an integral part for some solvents and enamels. Most often such mixtures or enamels are used in the construction and repair work, when painting cars. It is also often used as a high-octane additive for motor fuel.

xylene oil grade A characteristics

Storage and packing

Xylene oil grade A in accordance with GOST issued inplastic or metal barrels, as well as in cubes or cans with different volumes. Storage of this substance should be carried out according to clear rules:

  • Keep it in a cool place.
  • Storage is permitted only in undamagedfactory packaging or in a special container, which must also be located at a great distance from any heat source, from any flammable object, and away from oxidizing reagents.
  • In addition, the operation of the storage facility on which the substance is stored should be carried out according to all storage rules for flammable substances.

xylene oil characteristics and properties

What is dangerous xylene

Due to its properties, xylene refers to substancesthird-class toxicity. The constant inhalation of vapors from this product causes a weak narcotic effect in man, as when inhaling benzene or toluene vapors.

Doing any work using thisfluid should be carried out in a room where there is good ventilation, as well as away from any source of fire. The use of percussion instruments near the named substance is also prohibited, as this can cause a spark. The wiring in the building where xylene is used must be carried out according to all the rules that apply to premises with explosive or flammable substances.

guest 9410 78 xylene oil

It is also necessary that all personnel whoworks directly with this substance, had glasses, overalls and gloves. In some cases, if necessary, it is necessary to wear brand-name gas masks as well.

GOST OF Xylene

All technical requirements, safety precautionsand others, as far as this substance is concerned, is prescribed by GOST. For petroleum xylene - GOST 9410-78. The production and quality of this product is governed by this document, which must be strictly followed. If we talk about the chemical and physical properties, then there is also a table, which lists all the requirements for the substance.

Appearance of the substance and its color

The liquid should be a clear color, do not contain any impurities, and water.

Density of substance at 20 degrees Celsius, g / cm3 From 0.862 to 0.868
The temperature of the beginning of distillation of this substance

minimum 137.5 ° С

98% of the total volume of the substance must be distilled at a temperature of no higher than 141.2 ° C
95% of the total volume is distilled with a temperature of no higher than 3 ° С
The proportion of the basic substance in a given compound must be at least 96%
The content of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans in this product Absent
The volatility of the substance Evaporates completely, without residue


Due to its characteristics, xylene oil gradeAnd was assigned to the third class of hazard of toxic substances in accordance with GOST 9410-78. Too high concentration of this substance, as already mentioned, can cause a person to have a narcotic effect, as well as irritation of the mucous membrane and skin. In addition, it adversely affects the nervous system. It should be remembered that xylene belongs to the group of fire-hazardous and explosive substances.

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When carrying out work with this product,It is necessary to attend to the availability of personal protective equipment for each employee. If any drainage works are carried out, then the rules of protection against static stress at oil refining, oil production and chemical production facilities should be followed.

All equipment that is operated in the industry with xylene must have local selective pumps, and all rooms must necessarily be equipped with a supply-and-exhaust type of ventilation.

In those rooms that are used as a warehouse for the storage of xylene oil,Any use of open fire is prohibited, andalso percussion instruments capable of causing a spark. Arrangement of lighting and any electricians in such a structure must also be carried out in compliance with all explosion-proof rules.

If the fire did occur, then forfire extinguishing it is necessary to use only fine-dispersed water, chemical or air-mechanical foam. When spilling this substance, it is rendered harmless by the use of sand, followed by its removal to a special place.

Characteristics and properties

Reviews of the solvent xylene indicate that it does an excellent job of its tasks, but from its deficiencies, as a rule, especially give off an unpleasant smell.

This substance, which has no color, but possessescharacteristic smell, has become quite widely used in the field of organic synthesis. It is very often used to produce products such as plastic, film materials, synthetic fibers, colorants, solvents, etc. These products use xylene or its various derivatives quite actively. To have an idea of ​​what the price of xylene oil grade A, we will indicate what is requested from TES-Holding. It's only 70 rubles for 1 kilogram.

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