Yesenia: the meaning of the name and character

In the new century, girls are named after models, actresses, or literary heroes. The fashion for simple names is passing very quickly, and in order to distinguish the child among Nast, Kat and Mash, parents are looking for original options for their favorite. Calling the girl Yesenia, you can obviously create a happy future for her.

The name of the person - is it important

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Ancient people called the newborn child consciously. They believed that the name influenced his fate, so they tried to give him certain character traits from the first days of life. Often children were named after animals, gods, or natural phenomena. Today, astrologers are engaged in the study of names and their influence on the personality. They found that the combination of vowels and consonants has a direct impact on the fate of a person and his character, so parents call children harmoniously, for example, Maximilian, Dementy, Uliana, Christina, Yesenia.

The meaning of the name is very important: they say that in their entire life a person hears the name about one and a half million times! Parents should call the child consciously, so that their fate will be happy.

Name Esenia: the origin and meaning for girls

There are several points of view on the origin of the name. Some believe that girls began to be called so in honor of the great Russian poet of the silver age, who worked in the early twentieth century, Sergei Yesenin. The significance of the name Yesenia for a girl who grew up in Russia is very great: it would seem that there is no doubt about his Slavic origin. However, researchers have found the opposite side of this statement. In their opinion, Yesenia is a modified form of the Arabic name Hassan, which means “beautiful”. Parents call the girl, based on these two versions of the origin, but do not forget that her behavior will depend on the season in which she was born.

Yesenia: the meaning of the name, the nature of its owner

The meaning of the name character

Even before the birth of a child, parents think about how to name their child, so that he will have good luck all his life. Astrologers make horoscopes and predictions in order to facilitate this task for inexperienced moms and dads. The girls, called Yeseni, tend to grow very kind and helpful. Good observation and intuition allows them to understand people.The significance of the name Yesenia for a child is great: by calling your daughter this way, you will grow yourself a real helper, clever and excellent student, who will surprise you with your wise thoughts and unusual look at life. By mature age, the girl begins to look for a partner who will be an honest and faithful wife.

There are situations when Esenia shows not the best traits of character. Sometimes she loses her confidence and takes a long time to concentrate. Yesenia is capricious and nervous when she or something begins to interfere with her attaining her goal. She is very touchy and can easily hold a grudge against her husband, especially when he says harsh words to her.

Autumn and winter Esenia

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In the explanatory dictionary of Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl, published in the nineteenth century, one can find many dialects, archaisms and historicisms. For example, the noun "Esen" in the modern language began to sound like "autumn", so girls born in September, October or November were called Yesenia. The meaning of the name is very important for children born in winter: according to observations, winter Yesenii are very hot-tempered and rude.They like to take part in debates and domestic disputes, interrupting others, but often can not express their own point of view. Despite this, the girl grows very religious, goes to church and helps the poor, but tries not to show it. She is kind to others, often giving alms. In general, this is a fragile, gentle, beautiful and energetic girl who can be calculating and obstinate.

Spring and summer Yesenia

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The nature of the child depends on the time of year when he was born. Usually, the name Yesenia is the name of a girl born from April 20 to mid-May, which corresponds to the zodiac sign Taurus. In translation, it means "spring." It is believed that the name is great for beauties with the sign of the zodiac Virgo. Summer girls are very fragile, dreamy, diligent, that is why they differ from those born in winter. They are very stylish, take care of themselves and prefer colored colors in their clothes. Name day is usually not celebrated Yesenia: the value of the name (church) in the Orthodox tradition is absent. However, this does not prevent mothers from calling their daughters that way.

Yesenia in childhood

From the first years of life, girls named by this name will amaze their parents with their mental abilities and rapid development. Yesenia is a very independent, but homely girl, for whom the family is the greatest treasure. As a child, she differs from her peers in that she likes to watch their game process without taking direct part in it. The importance of the name of Yesenia for a girl is important: in adolescence, she often becomes a leader and is an example to be followed by both her peers and older children. She enjoys studying in a creative studio and at the same time she has a good time to study. Growing up, Esenia continues to keep her dolls in memory of a happy childhood. Speak the pleasant words of your daughter and do not skimp on the praise. She loves when they are affectionately called Enya, Enka, Yesya, Esenka, Enya, Esyusha.

Career - above all

Traction to knowledge is what distinguishes Yesenia from his peers from the school bench. The most industrious of girls finish school with a gold medal, less diligent are in the ranks among horoshist.

If you want to give your daughter the name Yesenia, find out the origin and meaning of it in advance, because, having called her so, you deliberately lay in her certain abilities. Women most often become psychologists or teachers, sometimes choosing their own creative field of activity. In the future, they may become artists or writers, since society will attract the internal energy of the owners of this rarest name. In a promising position, they quickly achieve heights and attract their superiors and colleagues. Yesenii believe that first of all they need to establish themselves in life. They occupy a management position early and work with all their might, and then they start thinking about the family, so they get married late.

Choosing a life partner

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Yesenia is a purposeful woman, who since childhood has been distinguished by the desire to obtain good knowledge, and therefore prefers to get married after graduating from university. The fair sex with such an unusual name is not looking for simple partners. Such is the clever and beautiful Yesenia.

The value of the name of the husband of this woman is extremely important for her.She will choose her life companions among Edward, Vsevolod, Benjamin. She will also pay attention to unusual Russian names that were common in the Soviet Union: these are Arkady, Gennady. Yesenia is a very beautiful and loyal woman, for whom love and trust in the family is paramount. However, it will make a bad pair of men with the names of Cyril, Ivan, Vladimir, Yuri, Vitaly.

What will bring happiness Esenia

Astrologers believe that the girls named by this name are patronized by the planet Mercury. Of the precious stones, they are recommended to pay attention to the emerald and agate: jewelry from them will give energy and cheer up. Animal mascots for Jesenia - monkey and lark. Joyful events and pleasant surprises will occur in the middle of the week, namely on Wednesday. Monday is the hardest day on which it is better not to deal with complex issues.

Sacred number 8 is important for many people, and this figure should pay particular attention to Yesenia. The value of the name, of course, plays an important role for its owner, but the girls should pull their luck on their own.Astrologers believe that Yesenia is the number 8 patron of the business of large businesses.

Famous personalities named by this name

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The girls began to be called Yeseni after the appearance of the movie of the same name for hire in 1975. The melodrama about the gypsy, whose role was played by Jacqueline Andera, shocked the Soviet audience. The feminine name of Yeseni, the value of which is known to few of us, is especially suited to bright personalities. As a rule, its owners are successful in show-business. For example, Yesenia Butorina is the young pride of Russia, a professional gymnast from Murmansk; Yesenia Volzhankina - athlete from Latvia. If you call your daughter by that name, perhaps she will find her vocation in the music world. Singer Yesenia, who appeared on the Russian stage a few years ago, impressed the fans not only with her unusual hoarse voice and compositions in the style of chanson, but also with her stage name.

The meaning of the male name Yeseni

The meaning of the name is male

This is the name of the boys, who are mostly of Slavic origin. The lucky number is 4, which will bring him success in his career, especially if Yeseniy prefers the field of science and technology.The meaning of a name (masculine) is usually of little interest to its owners, since men are more skeptics and do not believe in predictions. But parents who want to arrange a happy fate for a child should definitely pay attention to all the details. The boy Yeseni is very independent since childhood, therefore in adulthood he is not lost in emergency situations and is not afraid of difficulties. Thanks to his unusual name, he will be able to succeed in show business and will attract the attention of women.

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