Yoga for the face. Yoga for beginners

The practice of facial yoga is unique. With its help, you can not only look younger for several years and eliminate facial wrinkles, but also correct the facial contours, upper eyelids, and eliminate double chins. This facial yoga has a beneficial effect on skin color, it becomes more fresh and healthy. In addition, exercises help to relax the eyes, improve vision and muscle mobility. With the help of the practitioner, you can get rid of a spasm of the face, a wry smile and a nervous tic.

Yoga for the face and neck: features of the technique

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Facial yoga is a complex of special exercises for training the muscles of the head. Work on facial expressions and contribute to the release of consciousness. This kind of practice requires the utmost calm, concentration, and if such conditions are not created, the lessons will turn into traditional muscle training. This is the wrong approach. Mechanical exercises do not affect the psyche, and the proper result will not be achieved. In order for all manipulations to be performed as it should, and to have an effect from them, at the initial stage it is advisable to take yoga lessons from an experienced instructor.

All events that have been in a person’s life must leave a mark on his face. Compressed jaws, frowning eyebrows, “frozen face”, lowered corners of the lips are only the result of past negative incidents and internal sufferings. Gradually, not only the appearance is changing for the better, but also a person’s behavior, he develops the habit of perceiving everything negatively, pessimistically. Professional facial yogawill help eliminate these destructive consequences, with the relaxation of the muscles during class, fears, negative, guilt feelings will gradually pass.

Practical recommendations

yoga for beginners

Not only at home can be yoga for the face. You can get a couple of initial lessons in special centers, studios. An experienced instructor, if necessary, will develop an individual program that will most significantly affect the elimination of facial defects that cause discomfort in the mind. He will also take into account all the features of the body.

Despite the simplicity of the exercises, they need to be treated responsibly. They should be performed not less than 2-3 hours a week, but it is important not to overdo it, because you can stretch the skin.

A useful and harmless form of rejuvenation

If you don’t be lazy and regularly perform the exercises, then very soon you will see significant transformations in the mirror image. The skin color will be fresh, the sagging of the cheeks and upper eyelids will disappear. General rejuvenation of the body and smoothing wrinkles also contributes to yoga for the face and neck.

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In addition, this kind of exercise cleanses the skin, strengthens the hair and is an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis. Training will also help improve blood circulation in the brain, and this will make its activity more efficient.

Strengthening the muscles of the face, head, body improves overall health. This can be explained by the fact that there are areas on the head and face that are responsible for the functioning of the internal organs.

Yoga for the face: practical exercises

Effect on the muscles of the face can be a variety of yoga techniques. This includes self-massage, meditation, relaxation and, of course, the technique of perception of individual parts of the head. Such a yoga for novice practitioners will be the first step to overcoming the difficulties with self-perception and liberation of consciousness.

List of effective practices

Exercise number 1.The mouth is wide open, tongue stuck out as much as possible, eyes as much as possible raised up. In this position, you need to be 1 minute, repeat 2-3 times with short breaks. Effect: improves blood circulation, increases skin tone.

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Exercise number 2.The head is thrown back, lips folded into a tube, stretch upwards. This position is enough to hold for a few seconds, then you need to relax. Repeat 5 times. Effect: the contour of the lips is maintained, the muscles of the jaw and neck are strengthened.

Exercise number 3.Eyebrows are raised up, and with two fingers between them we carry out smoothing manipulations to the sides. Exercise is performed up to 20 times. Effect: eliminates mimic wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows.

Exercise number 4.Cheeks are inflated to the limit, and the air rolls up and down and from side to side. Runs 10 times. Effect: prevents sagging of the skin, the cheek contour lines of the face are preserved.

Exercise number 5.The skin in the outer corners of the eyes gently pressed with the tips of your fingers and slightly stretched. At this point, you need to squint. Such manipulations are repeated 10 times, but without effort. Effect: “crow's feet” are eliminated.

Exercise number 6.It is held in parts.First, the neck is pulled forward, and two fingers are pressed to the squeezed lips. After that, without removing the fingers, a kiss is made. Repeat at least 10 times. Effect: helps to improve the elasticity of the lips.

To such a yoga for facial rejuvenationbrought really high results, for its implementation, first of all, a good mood is necessary. For practice, it is desirable to choose a time when no one will disturb. Before classes, you must open the window to constantly have fresh air. Pose is taken more comfortably.

The secret of longevity - yoga

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Every woman wants to stay young and attractive as long as possible. But no matter how much you use cosmetics, over the years, the skin loses its elasticity. To maintain facial muscles in a tonus and combat mimic wrinkles appearing with age, a special technique was developed. Performing a set of exercises, you can cope with the gravitational effects and age-related changes of the skin, which lead to its aging, fading. That is why facial yogais an effective natural means of prolonging youth.It combines both traditional training of the muscles of the head and elements of ancient Indian techniques.

The most famous founders of yoga for the face are American Marie Veronka Nadier and Analysis Hagen. They have achieved excellent results in the fight against aging and have shown the effectiveness of the technique on their own examples. They became famous throughout the world thanks to their books about facial gymnastics. Many readers of their works were able to reveal the secrets of longevity, which, with a serious approach, brings yoga to the face. Reviews of this miraculous practice are always only positive, especially since you can join it at any age, because it is never too late to take up issues of health and rejuvenation.

Who will suit yoga practice

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Anyone who has at least 5 minutes a day of free time can practice. And for those who do not have this time, it is simply necessary, since it is excessive employment that is associated with constant tension and leads to the “constraint” of mimicry. Such yoga for beginnerswill bea particularly pleasant pastime. They will learn to quickly disconnect from the business world and relax. Over time, their skin color will become fresh, it will acquire a long-lost elasticity.

Who is not recommended to engage in facial yoga?

For people who have serious skin diseases and are not allowed to have a massage, it is better to refuse this type of practice.

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