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This is an ancient Eastern practice, which allows to improve the sensuality of the erogenous zones of women. Intimate massage is intended only for the beautiful half of the population. It helps not only to stimulate, but also to treat the reproductive system.yoni massage what is it

What it is?

Yoni massage is a technique that affects all erogenous zones of women. In ancient practice, there are two types of stimulating massage techniques, where yoni is performed only for girls of all ages, and the lingam is designed for men. This massage is a combination of spiritual and physical practices, where female libido increases, the general condition of the body improves, and sensations increase. Yoni teaches you to completely relax and feel all your innermost zones.

Yoni is an intimate massage that stimulates the vaginal muscles and erogenous points. The process is carried out by the hands of a partner or a specially trained master, but not independently. This practice has been around for quite a long time and today it is recommended by sexologists from all over the world.Yoni massage is safe and effective, so the result can be felt after the first procedures.yoni massage how to do

History: the importance of massage in the East

Technique Yoni massage is part of the tantric practices. In some ways, this type of massage can be considered meditation, which is aimed at complete relaxation and going beyond the real world perception. Yoni plays an important role in Buddhism and Hinduism. The reason is simple: the sages are confident that the female womb is able to store information. If in the girl's life there were sexual acts that were accompanied by rudeness, pain, insensitivity (frigidity), then all the negative experience will remain inside the vagina. Such information adversely affects the sexual life, mood and well-being of women. Yoni massage allows you to clear the bosom of bad energy and open the 7th chakra, which is called Muladhara (Mulajar).yoni massage training

We create a favorable atmosphere

Now you know what a yoni massage is. Before a partner or master embarks on an ancient practice, he must create the right atmosphere that will allow a woman to relax, move away from all worldly problems and immerse herself in the meditative world of pleasure:

  1. Incense.Use aromatic lamps, candles or Indian sticks.The pleasant aroma of sandalwood or cinnamon, with hints of orange and vanilla, will help the woman to relax and tune in to a meditative procedure. In addition, the subtle smell of incense soothes, producing a stimulating effect.
  2. Situation. Nothing evokes sensuality like dim lights and lighted candles. Warm tube atmosphere will help a woman to cope with all the psychological barriers and get the most out of the ancient yoni technique.
  3. Music. Yoni is not sex, but meditation. But what kind of immersion happens without mantras? Turn on relaxing music: Buddhist chants, sounds of nature (the sound of the surf, birds singing).

yoni massage to woman

The technique available to everyone

Follow the tips below and learn how to do a yoni massage. An ancient practice should be done by a trained master, whom a woman fully trusts. She should not be sandwiched or shy, so the first thing a woman needs to do is take a hot bath and relax as much as possible.

Phased instructions:

  • Massage for women in Japan begins with choosing the right position. The girl should lie on her back.The head must be raised and fixed on the pillow. Legs are important to push and bend at the knees, but without causing discomfort to the woman.
  • Stroke the girl's legs, hips and abdomen so that her breathing becomes calm and even.
  • Lubricate the labia and pubis with lubricant or special oil.
  • The massage begins with a slow massaging of the genital lips, affecting the pubis of the woman. This is an important stage, because it will help excite her and improve sensitivity. Gently grip the labia lip with your thumb and forefinger, slowly massage it. Fingers should slide over it and not cause inconvenience.
  • Go gradually to the labia, and then smoothly to the clitoris. Yoni massage is a gentle and sexy procedure. In no case should it be accompanied by sudden movements, haste and rudeness.
  • Massage the inside of the womb with your middle finger. The master should study every detail of the vagina, but doing it smoothly and carefully. Adjusting the depth of penetration and pressing force will help to make the ancient practice even more erotic and sensual. If desired, the master can enter the girl's anus with a nameless finger to enhance sensations.
  • With your free hand, gently massage the woman's chest, abdomen, thighs and clit.

The massage should last until the girl gets an orgasm or stops the process herself.yoni massage reviews

What is it for?

In the life of a woman Yoni massage plays an important role. It allows not only to reveal sensuality, but also to fill with energy, positive emotions. First of all, the girl improves her physical and spiritual performance. After the first sessions she will gain a burst of energy, will get acquainted with the feeling of flying. All worldly problems will fade into the background, and a long-awaited smile will appear on your face.

What results should be expected?

Yoni massage - what is it? This is a way to reveal your sexuality and learn to give pleasure. This technique will improve the orgasm of a woman. She will be able to relax during intercourse and get maximum pleasure from the process.Yoni massage technique

Yoni massage directly affects the reproductive system, so it is often noted that after three to five treatments, it was easier for girls to conceive. What technology provides for the beautiful half of the population:

  • You will feel a surge of energy in the lower abdomen, as if a huge warm ball is shining there.
  • You will no longer be frigid, but you can enjoy sex.
  • Numerous complexes related to intimate life will leave your life. For this reason, yoni massage is useful for those who are trapped in bed due to psychological trauma.
  • You will learn to relax.
  • Your body will thank you, because regular practice will improve the blood circulation process in the pelvic organs. As a result, menstrual pain will pass, the reproductive system will improve.
  • You will be excited by the touch of your man, become passionate and liberated.

Useful tips

  1. Yoni massage training does not take long for your partner. One procedure is enough to know the whole essence of erotic meditation.
  2. Do not force a woman in the process to massage a member of a partner. Yoni is a massage that is intended only for a girl, so she must be completely relaxed and focused. If you are a man and want to have fun, then teach your partner the technique of lingam.
  3. Before starting to give a woman a long and gentle kisses. She should feel the warmth, excitement and confidence in you.

It is necessary to carry out the practice 1-2 times a week for several months.yone massage for women

Feedback and opinions

Reviews of yoni massage are only positive. Girls who have tried Buddhist practices have learned that they have never revealed their sexual potential in their entire life. The ancient technique allowed women to have fun on a par with men, and their orgasms became brighter and longer.

Yoni allows you to improve life, not only sexually. All women as one declare that regular practice allowed them to live easier, to perceive less negative and get rid of everyday problems. Yes, and relations with her husband and partners have improved significantly. Now every girl can get pleasure from a simple massage.

Yoni will make you more feminine, sensual, passionate, energetic and relaxed. Your bosom will always be filled with positive information, and all unsuccessful connections will be released. Complexes and psychological barriers will go away and you will know the beauty of intimate communication. Ancient practice is too beautiful not to try it at least once in a lifetime.

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